Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fathers Day Poems

Many authors and poets have been inspired by the emotional celebration of Father's Day to write and create poems about it. These poems have become an integral part of Father's Day celebrations and have also been embedded into American culture. These poems also help to put into words the special bonding that children have with their fathers. Not only are famous poems usable for Father's Day, but you can also try your hand at writing your own poem as a token of appreciation.

While many authors and poets have published books and poems pertaining to Father's Day, there are many poems available over the Internet. These poems are free and can be used for non-commercial purposes only. The names, numbers and genders can be changed in these poems, thereby increasing their utility value. Some websites have poems which can be sent as e-greetings too.

Father's Day poems make excellent gifts. One can give them in printed form, as books or as lettering in a frame, accompanied with photos of days gone by. Many Father's Day poems are available online. Some of the websites where these poems are available are:

Some heartwarming literature which reflects the love and honor of Father's Day include:
  • My Hero
  • It Takes More Than Blood
  • Daddy's Girl
  • Lessons My Father Taught Me
  • y Father
  • Daddy's Day
  • Play With Me
  • A Little Girl Needs Daddy
  • After My Father Gave Me His Blessing
  • Even Though We've Lived Apart
The various websites offer sonnets and other poems for free. Various search engines will come up with a host of results for Father's Day poems.

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I love your fathers day poems. Thanks for sharing them, i hope you can share more poems.

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