Sunday, May 02, 2010

Father's Day - The Modern Dad

"By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong." -Charles Wadsworth

It may seem a sexist comment, but there is no doubt that Fathers Day pales considerably in hype and brouhaha that surrounds Mothers Day. It may be so because a mother evokes more tender and mushy response than a father does. I am not saying that a father's love lacks emotional content, but it is subtle and subdued.
Sociological tradition has got a strong influence on our perception of family. A mother perceived to be the person who raises children, makes the food and stays at home. A father goes out to earn a livelihood, takes the decisions and acts as the protective shield. Feminist movements have altered the rules to a certain extent, but that is only in case of the woman. The perception of a father as the protector has not received a dolt.

A father evokes very raw emotions. He's the person you are scared of, he's the person you go about to with an unreasonable demand; he's the person you hide from when your grade card is out, he's the person you boast about in school as the best man ever. These conflicting emotions make it difficult to put down your love for your father in black and white.

A father is often misunderstood. Strictness is intrinsic in a father. It is an essential quality because it serves a great benefit in raising a child. The mother is more likely to pamper the child. However, the trend is making a significant change in the opposite axis of the graph. Nowadays, in most nuclear homes, including mine, the father is the one who takes up the act of spoiling a child with love, gifts and tons of favors.

A father can also be an example for the child. His patience, his outlook to life - from his love for the mother to his religious tolerance and everything in between, fascinates the child and leads the child to emulate. There is also a dominant sense of hero-worship. Here the case becomes a little dicey. If the father does not match up to the pre-conceived notions of a father, the child may be led to a state of depression and betrayal.

However, a father always remains a figure who is respected and revered. He is the base on which the foundations of a child's future may be laid. Love is definitely a very integral part of a father's domain. Providing the best life possible for the child is also the father's prerogative. A father's patience is his asset; corporal punishment is not the way to being a good father. Things have changed in fatherhood since Solomon has stated: "Spare the rod. Spoil the child."

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